ORIENTEERING: Soundscapes for Walking

 On Thursday, April 12, 2018, Andrew Taggart and Chloe Lewis walked between three points in Bergen, Norway: From Entrée to Tag Team (which took approximately thirty-one minutes), from Tag Team to Palmera (thirty-nine minutes, give or take) and from Palmera to Entrée (a shorter walk of around twelve minutes). They recorded what they heard along the way: a soundcheck for an afternoon concert, jingling keys, and joggers’ feet on gravel, to name a few examples. Somewhere in the middle, they bought three 7-inch records from a small shop. They hadn’t heard the songs before, or heard of the musicians, but the records’ graphic paper sleeves, displaying shapes and lines in geometric configurations, looked a lot like walking paths, or winding routes on a map.

For their contribution to Orienteering, a group exhibition in public space produced by Entrée, Palmera, and Tag Team, Lewis & Taggart offer three soundscapes—one for each stretch of the walk connecting the three galleries—composed by blending their in-situ recordings with audio sampled from the vinyl singles.

For more information please visit www.entreebergen.no/

IN CONVERSATION: Ane Graff & Alex Klein

We invite you to listen in on a conversation between exhibiting artist Ane Graff and invited guest, curator Alex Klein from ICA Philadelphia. The talk took place in Independent's Gallery Residency at 2037 Fifth Avenue, New York, where Entrée is temporarily located Feb-April, 2017.

Read more about it on our webpage entreebergen.no