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Listening session at Sentralen/Hvelvet Tuesday 12 September 7 pm
Performance with KLEIN & NaEE RoBErts Friday 8 September 10:30 pm

A radio series and exhibition by Thora Dolven Balke in collaboration with Erik Balke, Dominic Barter, Camilla Rocha Campos, Trine Falch, Dr. Karl-Heinz Frommolt, Milford Graves, Gaby Hartel, Musa Michelle Mattiuzzi and Amilcar Packer

All that respires, conspires reflects on the act of ‘conspiring’the act of breathing together. The radio series explores sound’s relationship to circulation and movement, following sonic movement through physical spaces, social spaces, interdisciplinary spaces, and political spaces. Through Milford Graves’ compositional studies into the human heartbeat; Trine Falch’s precise understanding of the power of enactment and staging; Erik Balke’s practice of free improvisation, breathing techniques and developing instruments; Michelle Mattiuzzi’s physical research into how current and past narratives manifest in the body; Dominic Barter’s social methodology ofRestorative Circles in the justice and education system of Brazil to how Dr. Karl-Heinz Frommolt’s research with wolves and foxes help us better understand human communication, just to mention some. Etymologically to ‘conspire’ comes from Latincon- + -spirare: to breathe together. Here ‘conspiration’ is transposed to mean sensitivity, communication, instinct and synchronicity, within oneself and in relation to other beings, bodies and citizens. For example, how understanding the movements of the circulatory and neurological systems can heighten our sensitivity to rhythm, language and our ability to listen.

Compiled and edited by Thora Dolven Balke, the work combines interviews, field recordings, archival footage and commissioned compositions from Brazil, Norway, Germany, the UK and US, collected over an 18 month period. Contributors from the varying disciplines of natural science, social activism, justice, performance, medical research, and music share their insights, research and work on what it is to transmit meaning, what is necessary to allow action and exchange to take place. The conversations draw from scientific research, artistic work and human experience. Episodes will be streamed online, as well as played live during an event in Hvelvet at Ultima Festival Tuesday 12 September at 7 pm.

UKS will present an extended version of the radio series through an exhibition - displaying installations of archive material, works and objects from the contributors.

Earlier Event: August 10